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Marco Testoni and I met the first time because we were both in the jury for Premio Poggio Bustone held in the town were Lucio Battisti was born.

We didn’t have the chance to talk a lot as we were focused toward the performers and the wonderful music we were listening to.

Lulu Lafiandra, Marco Testoni and Emiliano Girolami at Premio Poggio Bustone

We met again after a few years and we definitely had the cance to talk. Before reporting our chat we shall need a solid introduction to let you fully understand what was going on.

Marco Testoni’s career

Marco studied at Conservatorio “A. Casella” in L’Aquila. Since then he successfully oriented his own career to the muaic for cinema, theater and digital arts.

In 2014 he was awarded with the Premio Colonne Sonore for the movie BlackOut. In 2015 he was recognized as Compositore dell’anno (Composer of the year) at Premio Roma Videoclip.

In 2017 his music and multimedia performances have been shown at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs du Louvre in Paris, at Macro in Rome and Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence.

In 2018 marco released MAJE with Andrea Bigiarini and the visual artists from the New Era Museum. The performance joins immersive videos with acoustic and electronic music.

In 2019 his VR19 Freedom was presented to the Festival VRExperience in Rome, that was a music applied to virtual reality thing.

In 2020 Marco was involved in the realization of the music for VR Baroque Moments on Fire directed by Anabela Costa.

Marco Testoni has also released more than 60 soundtracks for both Cinema and TV Series as you can see in its IMDb page (the data base of Cinema professionals).

The activity as a musician

Marco is also a fine musician and he is part of the Pollock Project which has released five albums and performed several times in multimedia contexts.

Simone Salza, Elisabetta Antonini, Massimiliano Di Loreto, Cecilia Silveri and Nicola Alesini are the other project’s members.

With Mats Hedberg (the ensemble is called Hang Camera) he recorded two albums playing with Billy Cobham, Elena Somarè and Michele Ascolese.

Marco has also a lot of experience as songwriter having worked with Antonella Ruggiero, Tosca and Paola Turci.

Working with Mario Zanotelli he also released several tunes for kids.

Marco Testoni as a teacher

Marco directed in 2014 the first course in Italy about Music Supervising for Regione Lazio. He held several workshops at Università IULM in Milan, the University School of Music in Cardiff, the Accademia Griffith di Cinema e Tv in Rome and at SAE Institute in Milan.

In 2020 founded, with Massimo Privitera, CineArteMusica. The Scuola delle Arti Cinemusicali e Digitali.

The books and the magazines

Since 2020 Marco is the Director of the Web Tv Soundtrack City and Deputy Director of the magazine Colonne Sonore.

On the Soundtrack City channel you can get interesting interviews with professionals in the field of music for videos.

The channel is a valuable resource for all those who want to get into this world by understanding the ideas and the experience of music professional in an informal yet effective way.

Marco has also published two books on the topic, namely:

Musica e visual media – Dino Audino editore, 2016

Musica e Multimedia – Dino Audino editore, 2019

We shall spend a few more time on those books in the next posts because they are a reference source to understand professions, processes and behaviours in the fields of soundtracks and music for videos.

Summing up

As stated in the title, and as you should have understood by reading this post, Marco Testoni covers a lot (if not all) of the possibilities of being a musician. It should be now clear why we needed to introduce him and his career to you. We now have the foundation useful to build up in the next posts about such a complete artist. Stay tuned!

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